Pure Aero

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Revolutionized with the latest in Babolat technology the Pure Aero builds on the popularity of the Aeropro Drive which has been one of the most popular racquets in the world for several years The latest version gets an update to its AeroModular wing shaft design called AeroModular2 making the AeroPro series one of the fastest frames around Woofer grommets with this new technology have been moved to the midsection of the frame making it even more aerodynamic while also making for increased ball pocketing and trampoline effect The Cortex system has been updated with the introduction of AeroModular2 now putting the Cortex inside the frame This update while still maintains its playing characteristics which dampens bad vibrations while allowing the player to have maximum ball feel A strong swingweight allows for maximum plow through from the baseline and uninhibited power The last update to the new Pure Aero is the addition of Frame String Interaction FSI Technology The Pure Aero has an updated version of this technology called FSI Spin which has a more open weave in the string bed as well as oblong grommets for enhanced string movement

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